Old fences hold so much life and textures all by themselves and then when there is something stark and contrasting like barb wire it draws me in. This fence line calls me back over and over. The aging wood with its light green lichen reach to the damp air like fingers, moss blanketing tops and sides. And the webs. The spiders sending their silk all across every possible surface with dew drops defying all laws of gravity. Beautiful things.

On Bended Knee

I have taken enough bad photos to have learned to take several shots of one thing to cover all my bases. Often this means extended time on my knees in almost anything. It seems like a good place to start. Not afraid of being dirty or what others might think if they see you kneeling in the wet ground. Looking for the beauty God has provided wherever it is and being confident enough to not care how it might appear. I should consider this in the rest of my life goals too. Being humble enough to start on my knees and there is not too many other ways to go, but up.

A Fungus Amongus

Lost in Time

What was this building for? What was stored there, who framed it and put a roof on it? When was it built? I imagine being in farm country it held its share of farm equipment and hay. Before the land started to retake it there must have been many stories unfolding under this roof. I love these old structures and the history they hold. At one time a family decided the sacrifice time and money to build this and now it is left as an afterthought. Always pushing for the underdog I adore these things. I love making up the stories that would go with them. Someone sitting on the edge of the upstairs, drinking their beer after a long hard summer day. Looking across the acres of farmland and the work accomplished. A job well done. Satisfaction in the labor, relaxing a bit before heading in to start all over again the next day. That is what I see.

Grass of the Field

“If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will He not much more clothes you…?” Matthew 6:30. We have this field out by our Church, right in the middle of town, in the middle of a new housing development. Someone thought to throw in the dirt the most beautiful wildflower seeds. We drive by and I rubber neck all the way past until the are out of view. How could something so beautiful be stuck in the middle of construction zones and new roads? I finally took some time to stop and photograph it as best as possible on the fly. Just stunning! God made something so temporary so beautiful, can He not care for you and me? It is humbling to remember this in such a tangible way. Why must I be so anxious? What is it that I think I am going to accomplish or control being worried? Absolutely nothing good, only illness and fatigue. Be at rest, trust in the Almighty and His plan.

Weeds and Wires

During our Autumn season trips to the pumpkin patch are a normal thing to do. This year while waiting for our daughter to run and play I looked around the farm at places that weren’t on the warn paths and piles of pumpkins. I love old fences and Teasel. I wanted photo of an old truck in the field but this was what pulled my attention. Simple, overlooked and captivating.

An Honored Guest

Being in a location such as this and witnessing the magnificence all around me, I think “How do I get to see something like this? I must be an honored guest in this house to get such treatment.” I was thinking on that and it is true. An honored guest in God’s sanctuary. This is a place to see God’s handy work and worship Him, in places like this I feel closest to Him. He does see me as an honored guest and wants the very best for me. Sometimes it is hard for me to see that, live like it is truth. After all we are limited human beings. Like little kids not understanding why they cannot have candy for dinner. In between the hard learning parts of life, there these moments that stand out. Reminders of our Great Creator and His endless love that is beyond measure.


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