Stunning Details

One of our many, many drizzly days. Everything is the same…but everything is different. If I go out and take a photo of the same leaf day after day, one might think the most boring job in the world. But every single day it would be different. Even in the slightest bit. It’s own kind of beauty and subtle changes. Even just in growth it would change. And taking the time to capture that would become its own amazing journey. Appreciate those things we see daily. Be thankful and take in its worth for that moment. Things are so often fleeting and fragile in our lives, do not take them for granted.

The Painted Lady

We bought butterfly caterpillars for our daughter to observe as they grew and made chrysalis, then miraculously emerging as butterflies. It makes one consider the incredible process of it all. I have also thought about butterflies themselves. Why would God make an insect that transforms so and becomes something so beautiful that flutters about on the wind pollinating our food sources? The whole mysterious unveiling leaves me in awe. They are all tiny masterpieces floating around in the sunshine. They have purpose and beauty, filling in a facet of our world that is not filled by anything else. Why would God make something like a delicate butterfly? There are many reasons, most of which I am sure I am not educated enough to list. But the reason that touches my soul is that God knew we…that I would be enthralled by such a creature. That I would find joy in their existence. That alone would have been enough.

The Forest Dwellers

The beauty of the the forest lily. Delicate and fleeting. I once found one of these Trilliums picked and laying on the side of a trail. I was sad because it probably killed the plant or at least delayed its growth by years. But I couldn’t leave it to just go to waste. We took it home and put in in a vase. I had never noticed their smell before, maybe because I am so careful not to disturb them if at all possible. They smell incredible, no wonder walking in the woods is such an experience for all the senses. This compounded by the hundreds of other things blooming, growing and spreading. Go take time to enjoy the subtle and beautiful world around you. Make the time. It renews the soul. A side note, I keep thinking this looks like a 90’s band cover. 😀

Lifted Up

During difficult times like what we are having in our world today. Experiencing things we have never experienced before, we have to dig deep to find our place to stand. Time is short too for me to spend on my art, to get outside and revel in the world God has given us. But God keeps giving me hope and setting me on firm footing right where I am at. When I lose my focus and get frustrated or sad at our situation, He reminds me of where I need to stand. The rest of the circumstances just don’t matter as much anymore. It is tender mercies. I am being dug out of the mud and mire daily. My heart is truly thankful. My prayer is that you too can find this in the midst of such troubles.

The Unfolding

Unfolding of blooms, unfolding of spring, unfolding growth and warmth and beauty. All such miraculous things to witness, to be a part of. Our wood lily, the Trillium with droplets clinging to every surface. Brings me to my knees…mostly because it is right on the forest floor where I need to get the best photo of it. But also it is just so delicate in its own way but fierce in its purpose to bloom. So beautiful and treasured. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein.

Hopeful Reminders

The earliest of blooms. They are so beautiful, so delicate…treasured for those looking towards spring. They have returned once again. They come and go so quickly with a gust of wind. They are left here for just a moment to remind us of changes coming! Do not lose hope. Enjoy the brief time between two seasons. Love what is given right now and yet push forward looking for things coming soon. Change, hope, renewal.


I love this time of year. I know that is weird, its almost spring. What is there to love about the end of winter? We are all SO ready to move on. This is when two seasons colide! When those earliest flowers come out and greet us for the first time. It restores our hope of new things that are coming soon. And then the days that are frozen it leave frost kissing everything and glimmering in the sun that is about to warm our day up beyond what we have felt in months. I find such beauty in it all. Such perfection. I bask in it all and push through the cold rain and wind, know what will be here soon.


Those days that bring rain and sun. The days that can weigh me down but also bring sweet blessings. Reminders that even surrounded by storms that hope endures. And God’s promises never fail even when I cannot see around life’s challenges. A love note written by God Himself just for me and you.
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