Big Wishes

A close up of the biggest wishes I’ve seen yet. The whole tuft covered my palm. I know I have some big wishes. Some of them too big to even talk about because, in my head, I know they will never happen. I focus my attention on what I have in the present and staying content in it. But then again, who am I to put limits on God Almighty. He doesn’t fit in a box. My imagination is too small for Him. Give those wishes to God and wait to see what might happen. Hope.

Black and White Wizard

Black and white photography. I love it, in fact most of the photos I keep on my walls are black and white. Yet I rarely edit them that way. I can’t seem to let go of the bright blues, deep greens and every other shade of color imaginable. So here we go, Wizard Island with a very interesting old snag at Crater Lake without color. I like it!

Splashing By…

We had such a beautiful trip this summer. This is a river by a little, hidden hot spring resort. It was a hot day, and even hotter by the boiling springs. But by the river it was perfect. The water was absolutely freezing, yet the air was fresh and just the right temperature. The sound of that river rolling over the rocks and splashing through its bed was delightful, especially after a long car ride. This is the scene I captured for you hoping you could stay a moment and imagine being there with us. We live in such a beautiful part of the world, the Great Northwest.

The Wonders of this World

I am so thrilled to see our Swallowtails every spring. I am also fairly predictable by now I suppose. I can’t help it. I find such miracles in our daily lives. I want to share them with you too. The fingerprints of God right here. Why would God make a bug that starts out as a little caterpillar, then curl up in a “sleeping pod” they make all by themselves, then transform into a beautiful, fluttering insect? I think it is because He knew that we would love such a whimsical creature. He loves us so very much.

Joy in the Daily Grind

I love our little swallows in their fancy tuxedos. I love watching them fly through the air catching their meals for themselves and their young. They fly as though they were acrobats with quick dives and many swirls every which way, chirping the whole time with tiny voices. They seem to love it. Just compete satisfaction in their flight. Yet their dancing in the wind isn’t for fun. They do it because if they don’t they die, their offspring die. Can I be like a tiny sparrow? Can I find joy in my purpose, in my daily life? Just lose myself in what God has laid out before me to do each day?

A Doe and Her Fawn

Down the road from us and right off the highway of all places has become a birthing place for this deer. I get to watch her most years spend a few weeks having her fawns and keeping them safe until they are big enough to move on. She usually has two. One year I got a whole series of photos with her and her twins. This year with work hours I had one little chance to stop by early in the morning and take some photos. Mom was so skittish she ran off and her little ones quickly concealed themselves so I got only a few pictures and none of a babies faces. I probably could have walked right up to the fawns and gotten amazing close ups, but I really do not want to scare this doe away. I want her to keep coming back year after year as long as she is able to have her offspring so I can be a part of it, even at a distance. I am thankful for the truly lovely picture I got of momma doe and the red clover background. I share a lot of photos of things I find lovely. Some people may think I might be ignoring current day realities. I am not. But what I truly desire is to share the beautiful things. Things that bring a peace and some appreciation for the world around us that is not riddled with drama, stress and pain. I need these breaks to keep me thankful and remind me that there is more to life than just the surface life we tend to survive in. These are gifts for us from the God Almighty whether we believe in Him or not, they are here to bless us. Tender mercies.

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