The Little Dragon in the Woods

I think dragons exist. They live in the conifer forests, where things grow just so. Where the ground is blanketed with fir needles and maples leaves from years past. They pop out in early spring when the sun just begins to warm the earth. They aren’t big and fire breathing though. They are so tiny they are often over looked. They must be hunted with a delicate hand and quick eye and always left alone when noticed by chance. They are the miraculous Fairy Slipper Orchid. Treasures of the the Pacific Northwest.

Forget Me Not

To the sweetest of tiny flowers, Forget Me Not. A friend gave me a clump of hers a couple years ago and I put them in a pot on the deck. I wanted to keep them safe from lawn mowers, chickens and weed eaters. This year I am finding them everywhere in our yard! All around the deck and even quite a ways away in our garden space. What a little miracle that I just bask in the tenderness of it.


One of my favorite scenes that I often come back to is those green paths through the woods. Ground covered with soft moss and delicate grasses, the majestic evergreens swaying above. I always walk away feeling new inside. Life has a way of making me critical and pessimistic, it is a daily struggle. My years of wandering, documenting flora and fauna has taught me some amazing lessons. One of which is that there is always healing in time. One year the forest is cut down or plowed through, left desolate. Then years to come it is made new, even made better. Space was made for new growth, orchids, homes for wildlife, and remarkable beauty that never could have come otherwise. It restores my faith in the journey laid out before me. Life’s themes remind me over and over. There is purpose in the process.

Doves in a Downpour

Mourning Doves in the rain. They are a humble bunch of birds. They aren’t flashy or beautiful really, they build flimsy stick nests and their coo isn’t terribly impressive. They are just an average bird, until you look a bit closer. Look at those eyelids and bright pink feet! But aside from that, why are they sitting in the downpour of rain when all the other birds have flown off to shelter? I feel a kinship to these doves. Sometimes we all have to just withstand the storms of life when it rains down on us. We hunker down and hope for it to end soon. It helps to have a few others to stand with you in it all too. The simplicity of a dove is a beautiful thing. God sent a dove as a message and symbol when Jesus was baptized. A poor mans sacrifice for forgiveness. Maybe they are not so simple after all.

Cedar Flowers

One of my favorite trees is our Cedar Tree. This particular species is a Western Red Cedar, a very large tree and able to get much larger if it lives long enough. Did you know they have flowers? They do! Little red and black tips on their little evergreen branches. Almost as small as a pin head. Are they not incredible?! I am just in awe of God’s handy work. Like way back in the beginning of time God said “You know, this little lady way out in the future is going to love this little detail.” and He made it just for me. I see the fingerprints of God all over the place here.

With the Sunrise

With the sunrise comes warmth, it brings light to what was dark. With the sunrise comes a hope for new beginnings and fresh starts. With the Sunrise comes a new day. The glow through dark, winter woods is a delight for the soul. There was a time I couldn’t see such beauty even if it stared me in the eye. I suppose that is why this sort of thing is truly monumental for me. The sunrise, the smell of the forest, the blanket of soft, green moss on everything. Taking the time to appreciate the smallest details and let them soak into my soul, I am so very grateful. I allow myself the time to bask in it even for just a few moments. It is always worth the effort.


This image made me think of our nations symbolic bird. The Bald Eagle. Beautiful, strong, fierce when needed. Yet somehow delicate in its own way. It must have undisturbed areas to nest in properly. A real wonder to behold no matter how often you get to watch them. I added The Pledge of Allegiance to the photo after some thought. I feel such an upheaval in our blessed nation. The delicate balance is being thrown off between our freedom and the struggle for power. It makes me melancholy for years past. Things will not be able to stay as they are, there will need to be changes. Good and bad. I hope to be one to stand up under the pressures building around us. Stand up for what is right, good, and the truth.

Silence and Snowfall

There is something truly magical about untouched snow. Snow has a way of muffling sounds. Even when it falls it is quiet. Then to go walking around in the world wiped clean, with not a soul in sight makes me feel like I am the only person on the planet. Like the whole world was made just for me. It brings me so much peace… Then of course I have our little girl that refuses to appreciate such silence. A non stop conversation about anything. I can pretend at least. And I bet I wouldn’t stop to make snow angels if I really were alone. Also a very joyful experience. I can love both perspectives.
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