Mysteries Unfolded

There is this spot I walk by often. One year, soon after I discovered the unique beauty of the Coral Root orchid, I noticed a whole cluster of them in this spot. It was on the corner of bit of woods on a neighbors property by the road. I was so thrilled. I took pictures several times and reveled in the treasure I had found. Every time I walked by I felt that little spark of joy, so thankful for that reminder of God’s amazing creation and His love to share such a gift with me. After some time the flowers had faded to just stems. The season moved forward toward summer the people who owned the property had firewood they needed to store, that pile of firewood ended up right on top of the orchid patch. It hurt my heart. I don’t know why I get so attached to such things, but I do. Gifts given freely that I can do nothing to earn, why do I feel such a loss when things change and that gift is no longer at my fingertips just as I want them? I watched that spot every spring hoping, wondering. Several years passed and the pile of wood moved, I still watched but had given up hope of a return of the orchid there. I had since found many other amazing patches of orchids. That loss made it high on my priority list of things to find in the spring. When I do find them I photograph them religiously. But this year, this year… I walked by and saw what I thought was the start of those orchids in the exact spot they were in so many years ago! Sure enough, they came up and bloomed. It was a whole family of them. I took their picture in wonder and awe. Then as I looked at them, basking in the gift once again, I noticed another orchid in the same little woods. Not just one, or two but a practical forest of them! I wandered through those trees kneeling in the soft ground capturing as many orchids as I could. Who am I to plan out what needs to happen? To put limits on what God Almighty can do? These beautiful little gifts touch my heart and renew my faith in a deep way. In a way that changes how I live my daily life.

Published by DJ Bryant

A girl looking for God's masterpieces in everyday life. Finding contentment in the here and now. Loving sharing the treasures I have found on my life's journey.

2 thoughts on “Mysteries Unfolded

  1. Fantastic! Have always had a fondness for before/after pix, but before, during, & after is much better. Having a good camera/lens is important but the eye behind the camera is most important of all.

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