She is called Pristine. I have a friend that was digging up her yard and she wanted a place for her roses. We had just bought our house 20 years ago and needed some plants. So here we were, in early March with this giant rose bush and root ball in a black garbage bag. It started getting oddly cold when we got it home and I knew it had to be planted or suffer being frozen and dying. My dear husband and I after dark were out in the front yard digging a huge hole in the yard as it starts to snow! I was sure the new neighbors thought we were trying to bury a body or something. I was one of our first crazy things we did in our new house. But here she is, year after year. rewarding us with her magnificent blooms. She is truly Pristine. Her only draw back is that she keep trying to expose her wild side. She keeps shooting out fast growing wild sprouts every year. Even the most beautiful have their secrets. I adore her in all her facets. Precious gifts.

Published by DJ Bryant

A girl looking for God's masterpieces in everyday life. Finding contentment in the here and now. Loving sharing the treasures I have found on my life's journey.

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