Watering the Earth

I was drawn to this part of the woods because of the stream. The stream that usually meanders and trickles through the trees. This time I could hear its rushing force from way above. I just wanted a glimpse of the magnificence. Leaning over and taking in the beauty of it all was incredible. I tried to figure out a way to capture it all in a photo, but it was too much. I didn’t do it justice. So I backed up and took a second look. What was there that I could photograph? The tree I was leaning on was very wet. The moss was like a sponge holding water at every corning and end. There at the tip of a dangling moss strand was a droplet hanging over the frothing stream. Just one little drop, added to another and another, day after day, making rushing waters come to life! Just a droplet that waters the earth and makes our land green and beautiful.

Published by DJ Bryant

A girl looking for God's masterpieces in everyday life. Finding contentment in the here and now. Loving sharing the treasures I have found on my life's journey.

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