A Raindrops Journey

Falling, falling, falling. Raindrops soaring from clouds above. Blown this way and that by the gusts of wind in the air. Gravity pulling them towards the earth below. One droplet here, one droplet there. Hitting the treetops and collecting on fir needles and branches until too heavy to balance. The droplets let go once again falling, falling…gathering size and strength as they knock against trees, leaves and branches. Water pooling in random recesses and then finally rolling off onto the ground below, splattering into tiny mirrors everywhere. Spreading across every accessible surface and waiting. Waiting to be seen reflecting the sky that brought it a beginning, waiting to fill the green earth with life. A raindrops journey.

Published by DJ Bryant

A girl looking for God's masterpieces in everyday life. Finding contentment in the here and now. Loving sharing the treasures I have found on my life's journey.

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